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Grooming · January 26, 2015

Pump Up the Volume: How to Get Fuller, Thicker Hair

Choose the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

The easiest step in the quest for thicker hair is a shampoo/conditioner audit. Avoid any formulas with sulfates: These ingredients are used to produce a thicker lather, but can leave hair dry and brittle (thus causing it to fall flat). Instead, look for products that are volumizing or thickening: They feature wheat proteins, amino acids, and vitamins like biotin and keratin, which hydrate and fortify hair to add strength and fight gravity. If youre looking for maximum firepower, Grooming Lounges The Best Shampoo uses all three.

Another thing to consider is how you apply the product. Most people use much more product that they should, said stylist Robert Dominick. Use a small amount of shampoo, and massage it into your scalp from the roots to the ends. For conditioner, the opposite is true: Focus less on the roots and more on the ends to keep hair from falling flat.

Adjust Your Daily Diet

Nutrition isnt limited to the products on your shower ledge; your diet can also impact the health and strength of your hair. Protein, zinc, and Vitamins B, C, D, and E should be your biggest priorities: that means walnuts, spinach, flax seeds, lentils, and plenty of fresh fruit. If youre still falling short, you can use a daily supplement like biotin, Viviscal, or fish oil to help pick up the slack.

Refine Your Styling Regimen

If you're looking for immediate results, this is where you should turn. First (and most importantly), find or invest in a blow dryer: Blow drying your hair while backcombing (combing against the grain) will help it stand up straight, improving its thickness and volume. Once you begin to sculpt, choose a water-based, matte-finish styler: Blind Barbers 90 Proof Pomade offers serious hold without weighing hair down. Emulsify a dime-sized amount in your palm to ensure its distributed evenlyclumps are the death of volumethen apply it with an upward, backward motion for maximum lift.


Nathaniel Nagy

Copywriter, cold brew advocate, purveyor of handcrafted birthday haikus since 2009.