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How-To · March 2, 2015

How to: Golden Plum Eye Makeup Tutorial

Weve always said: The more makeup we can get our hands on, the better. But trying to buy a million different shades and styles of eye shadow gets really pricey, really fast. Smashbox Cosmetics solves that dilemma with their new Double Exposure Palette. It might look like it has 14 shades, but when you wet your brush, each color transforms, making colors more vibrant, adding shimmer, or even turning them metallicthats like getting 28 eye shadows! Which is more than enough to create a ton of looks (like this gorgeous golden plum eye look)without having to amass enough makeup to outfit a small, albeit stylish, army.

To learn more about the Double Exposure #CHANGESOMETHING campaign visit Smashboxs Double Exposure site, where you can create your own double exposure photos and more!