How to Handle Bug Bites, Boob Sweat, and Other Summer Woes

While we’re quick to praise summer’s myriad charms—BBQs, beach days, and ice cream cones, to name a few—somebody's got to address the unfortunate flipside of a 90-degree day. Namely, mosquito bites, sweat stains, and burns of the sun and razor variety. (Talk about “summertime sadness.”) Prevent incessant itching, scratching, and other unseemly outcomes with this advice for dealing with warm weather's less-than-sunny effects.

The Pests

Somebody forgot to light the citronella candle? The first rule when it comes to itchy, burning mosquito bites is don’t scratch. Second, soothe irritation with something cold, like a bag of ice. Even better, roll on Sampar’s Prodigal Pen, which calms and heals bites with a blend of eight essential oils. Next time, beat the bugs with a preemptive layer of Maya Solar Bio Degradable Insect Repellent.

Sunburn, Baby, Sunburn

Even the most vigilant sunscreen appliers miss a spot sometimes. Treat torched skin with an after-sun ointment like COOLA Environmental Repair Plus® Radical Recovery™ After-Sun Lotion, which alleviates pain with healing agave. Once your burn starts to peel, gently remove dead skin with Whish’s Exfoliating Body Wash. Follow with a ultra-hydrating moisturizer containing aloe like Caldrea’s Body Lotion.

Barkin’ Dogs

Whether you’re traipsing around town in flip flops or going sockless in your sneaks, chances are you’re going to have a run in with less-than-fresh smelling feet. Since hitting the shower for a proper scrub isn’t always in your schedule, clean them up quickly with Jasmine Seven’s portable Feet Wipes, infused with aloe and refreshing peppermint.


During the sweltering months, we carry (MALIN+GOETZ)’s eucalyptus deodorant in our bag at all times. But what to do about the ever-awkward “boob sweat”? LA FRESH’s Travel Lite Antiperspirant Wipes for Women to the rescue. Just one swipe helps prevent moisture from accumulating in such embarrassing places, and leaves behind a soft, baby-powder scent. If a sweaty back or knees are your issue, borrow from the boys with a dusting of this all-over body powder.

Razor Rash

Even though we’re well versed in shaving, pesky red bumps and ingrown hairs happen. To prevent nicks and razor burn, apply a protective ointment like MiN New York Solution2 Post Shave Treatment Rollerball pre or post-shave. And keep legs stubble-free longer with Whish’s Inhibiting Gel.

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