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Hair · March 10, 2015

Split Ends? How to Stretch Your Time Between Trims

Load Up on Protein

Whenever my hair is damaged, I reach for a treatment that has protein and moisture, Heiman says. The protein molecules in products like Number 4s Reconstructing Masque act like spackle, filling in the holes in your split ends' brittle cuticles. They should look less rough after just one application.

Blow-Dry Carefully

Using a nozzle will help minimize the harm hot air causes to split ends. Blowing hair around in many directions will further damage the cuticle, Heiman explains. Dry pointing downwards and finish the process off with the coolest temperature possiblea shot of cold air will make hair super shiny, and flatten the cuticle so your ends looks less raised and brittle.

Pump Up the Volume

Nothing scientific herecurling or tousling your hair is an excellent distraction from unsightly ends. Adding texture will make it look like theyre intentional, says Heiman. Use your trusty wand and a spritz of finishing spray like RUSKs Texture Spray, which acts as a texturizer and hairspray to add volume thatll stay in place for the long haul.

Throw it into an Updo

A braid or bun is a no brainer, but the faux bob gives the illusion of a full-on chop and completely hides split ends. In a rush? Try the Princess Roll instead (it takes five minutes flat!). Treat hair with a leave-in conditioner like It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product before styling to prevent future damage.

Rub Some Product on your Problem

Hair cuticles are more raised when theyre splita smoothing formula will temporarily disguise those fuzzy ends. Use a cream like PARLOR by Jeff Chastains Reworkable Hold Paste to seal the cuticle and protect against more breakage with Vitamin B5.