How To: Match Your Personality to the Awards Show

Ah, awards shows—our favorite spectator sport. From the pre-game glamour-pussing to the sentimental (and often inadvertently hilarious) acceptance speeches, there’s plenty to see and gossip about with your favorite partners-in-crime. But with a glut of red carpets and only limited couch time, you need to pick and choose wisely. Enter our handy personality-based guide to help determine which are worth the four-hour investment.

The Pop-Culture Fiend: MTV Movie Awards

You have a subscription to Us Weekly, can quote from multiple episodes of VH1’s Behind the Music, and get Perez Hilton alerts on your cell phone. You need the latest and greatest in teen idols, gossip, and couple-spotting, making the MTV Movie Awards the perfect choice.

Drink: Chardonnay, because sometimes you just need something that goes down easy.
Wardrobe: PJ pants and a large, large bowl of popcorn so you have enough ammunition to throw kernels at the screen.
Hair: An artfully constructed (read: very intentionally awesome) messy bun.
Beauty Look: Keep it simple! Use a dual lip and cheek tint, like RMS’s Lip2Cheek in Smile, to brighten up your lips and complexion.

The Iconoclast Expert: Independent Spirit Awards

Your favorite movie from 2012? Moonrise Kingdom, because it captured the “whimsical spirit of childhood.” You can explain the emotionally complex plot development of everyone’s favorite foreign flick of the moment, Amour, and you’re a regular in Park City, Utah (duh, where Sundance is held). For a connoisseur of all things intellectual and indie, it's best to get comfortable in front of the Film Independent Spirit Awards, the most insidery and smarty-pants show of the season.

Drink: Bourbon, neat—you need a strong, straight whiskey to debate the merits of the John Cassavetes and Robert Altman Award winners.
Wardobe: A tweed dress paired with a vintage-inspired hat.
Hair: Fishtail braid should you choose to go with a chapeau, or a high sock bun if you don’t.
Beauty Look: It’s all about the eyes. Rock a serious cat-eye using Eyeko’s Skinny Liquid Liner, then add volume and oomph to your lashes with FusionBeauty’s Lash Fusion XL.

Life of the Party: Golden Globes

Effervescence and charm is the name of your game, and you always know how to make a room of people laugh. You also never, ever show up to a shindig sans libations. We hereby prescribe a healthy dose of the Golden Globes—the award show known for its copious tableside imbibing. The festive vibe suits you to a T.

Drink: Bubbly, preferably pink.
Wardrobe: Cocktail dress of your choice, preferably with a flouncy skirt to twirl away the evening in.
Hair: You’ve got so much personality that you don’t need a big ‘do. Get extra glistening strands by shampooing with EVOLVh’s ultra shine moisture shampoo.
Beauty Look: Keep that attention on your smile with a bold fuchsia lip like Secret Agent Beauty’s Foreign Intelligence Flirt. Prep with Dr. Lipp’s Original Nipple Balm to prevent chapping.

The Style Tastemaker: Oscars

For you, awards shows are but tiny diversions in between thick style mag reading sprees and Fashion Week festivities around the globe. Since the Met Gala isn’t for a few months yet, may we suggest Hollywood’s most dazzlingly classy event, The Academy Awards?

Drink: A classic gin martini to match your elegant style.
Wardrobe: You have a new floor-length number you’ve been dying to wear. Attending a more casual fete? Perhaps that little Jason Wu number you picked up last season.
Hair: An eye-catching coif to match your exquisite dress—try an elegant, under-rolled chignon. Prep hair with TIGI’s Catwalk Series styling cream to ensure that your look stays in place all night long.
Beauty Look: A subtle smoky eye using stila’s smudge stick. Finish off by highlighting cheekbones with Benefit’s Fine One One.

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