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Lifestyle · January 7, 2019

Tips to Get Your Life Organized

Bathroom Cabinet:

A cluttered bathroom cabinet can not only cause you a major headache (where did you put that aspirin anyways?), but can also add unnecessary stress to your morning. Having an optimally organized and stocked stash can help you to expediteand even enjoy!your a.m. and get you out the door faster.

First order of business? Start from scratch and clear out your cabinet completely, being mindful to toss anything that you dont use or thats expired. Afterward, restock it with placement in mind. Things that you use most often should be toward the front and center and easily accessible (read: toothpaste, shave cream, moisturizer, etc). For tools and gadgets like your razor, nail clippers, and tweezers, youll want a small caddy or jar to store them and reduce rusting. For the items that you dont use as often, keep them on the top shelf so that they are organized and visible for when needed.


When it comes to your wardrobe, there's one statement we swear by: less is more. Organizing clothing can seem like an incredibly daunting task, but the end result is so worth it. Cleaning out your closet is something you should try to do seasonally as your wardrobe changes according to the weather. Just like your bathroom cabinet, the best way to go about decluttering is to remove everything entirely and separate it into piles based on style (ex: coats, jackets, pants, etc.). Go through each pile individually and decide what you actually need. If it is something that has sentimental value, keep it. If its something you havent worn in six months, or have only worn once, youre probably better off donating it.

When putting everything back, its best to prioritize based on how frequently you wear the items. If possible, sort everything by style to make selecting an outfit each morning as easy as possible. But dont go overboard, over-organization can be hard to keep up with and eventually stress you out.


If theres one place in your life where organization is a must, it should be your workspace. Since productivity is key (we hope), having a clutter-free desk is vital. Ideally, youll have drawers with your desk to keep non-daily essentials. Along with your computer, your desktop should house the essentials that you reach for daily. Compartmentalizing things is also a great way to reduce clutterwe highly recommend investing in (or reusing items like glass candle holders or empty Birchboxes!) a file box, pencil and pen holder, and an accessories tray for any personal items like keys and ID cards.

Your drawers are where you should keep archived documents and grooming supplies for quick mid-day touch ups. Plus, if youre anything like us, youll likely need some space in your drawers to store snacks for those afternoon cravings.

And if you really want to keep your desk decluttered, a cable organizer will help keep all of your cords neat and tangle-free.