how to organize makeup

How to organize your makeup drawer

For years, our makeup drawer has been a disaster zone of dried-up mascaras, half-used lipsticks, and *NSYNC-era blushes. But enough is enough. We’ve enlisted the help of Clos-ette founder Melanie Fascitelli, a professional closet and home organizer. Fascitelli showed us how to edit down our belongings so we can actually use what we own. Find out to use her tips to give your beauty collection a 360 degree makeover!

Cut Down On Clutter

Start by taking a survey of all your products, Fascitelli suggests, then divide them into three piles using the “keep it, toss it, give it away” rule. First, ditch any expired products: once they’ve been opened, liquid formulas like mascaras and bottled foundations are good for three to six months, while powder blushes and other water-free products can last a year or more. Next, pass on any items you don’t really use (be honest with yourself!) to your best friend, sister, or mom.

Shop Like an Editor

Now that your stash is pared down, build a collection of strategic replacements for any crucial missing items. Any beauty editor will tell you that you should always have a few classics on hand: a good foundation that matches your skin tone, a smudge-proof mascara, and a spectrum of lipsticks to match different outfits.

Divide and Conquer

Give your drawer a facelift by setting up compartments—and don’t be afraid to get creative. “I love using silverware organizers: they’re especially great for storing makeup brushes,” Fascitelli tells us. Other options include clear plastic bead boxes, labeled zip-and-seal bags, or travel cosmetic cases.

Create a Beauty Closet

Take a cue from your wardrobe and sort your makeup stash by category: lipsticks belong with lipsticks, mascaras belong with mascaras, and so on. If you’re a major product junkie, sort your products by hues to make them even easier to find. Now you’re ready to start using your revamped makeup drawer!

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