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How-To · March 6, 2015

Packing List: The Perfect Adventure Go Bag

A Weekend Duffel: A weekender offers the perfect blend of space and portability. Choose one in canvas and leather for a timeless (yet durable) finish.

1-2 Versatile Outfits (Rolled): Select clothes that are equally suited to the city or the country, and opt for quick-dry fabrics if there's a chance you'll be roughing it. This rolling technique will ensure that you don't waste any space.

Extra Socks: The golden rule of the WWII soldier still applies today. We recommend SmartWool socks to ensure you stay warm and dry.

A Travel Towel: Between sudden storms and lakeside swims, a towel will always be handy. Look for one thats light, absorbent, and easy to dry.

A Water Bottle: It's hard to overstate the importance of hydration. This stainless steel bottle from Mizu takes things one step further, with insulated walls that help cold and hot beverages maintain their ideal temperature.

A Collapsible Cup: Trust uswhen a moss-encrusted mountain man offers a swig of moonshine, you dont want to drink from the bottle.

A Miniature Dopp Kit: If your trips don't demand a full-size dopp, a pouch stocked with samples makes a far more compact alternative. Heres what you need to pack it.

High-SPF Sunblock: You never know when the sun is going to show its searing face. This lightweight formula from Supergoop combines SPF 50 with a soothing dose of moisture.

All-Purpose Cleanser: This all-natural trail soap was designed to clean just about anything, from your hands and your hair to dishes, skivvies, or camp tools.

A Pocket Knife: Youd be amazed at the number of common scenarios that call for a sturdy blade. And no, a bandit attack isnt one of them.

Screen Cleaner: From smartphone screens to rental car windows, this two-in-one spritzer and microfiber keeps essential surfaces clean.

Sunglasses: Because looking cool (and protecting your eyes) should always be a priority.

Smartphone Camera Lenses: Having an on-call camera is a little bit excessive, but these slide-on lenses from olloclip will turn any standard smartphone into a passable substitute.

A Compass: Orienteering may seem like a long-forgotten skill, but the ability to find yourself on a map will never go out of style.

A Game Kit: Even the toughest wilderness trek will involve a little down time. This game kit from Bush Smarts will keep you and your friends entertained when outlets are out of reach.

An All-Weather Notebook: We never leave the house without a sturdy notebook, and this waterproof number from Rite in the Rain is as durable as they come.

A Good Read: Our travel companion of choice is Whitmans Leaves of Grass, but read whatever you'd like. Just avoid first editions and anything involving Fabio.

For some useful advice on stowing your haul, watch our video on 6 Packing Hacks Every Man Should Have in His Arsenal.


Nathaniel Nagy

Copywriter, cold brew advocate, purveyor of handcrafted birthday haikus since 2009.