Advice from the Ladies of Birchbox: What’s the Best Way to Plan a Romantic Getaway?

A romantic weekend away should stoke a relationship’s burning fire. But insufficient (or excessive) planning can douse the flame. To help us get the romantic jaunt just right, we tapped our female counterparts for a few pointers on planning a thoughtful vacation for two.

“I am the planner in my relationship, so when my boyfriend does a little research on hidden gems it goes a long way. My advice would be to steer clear of stuffy or extravagant places. Instead, plan something low key like a weekend in the country where you can eat good local food and go on a hike.” —Jessica, Senior Manager, Brand Campaign Strategy

“I love an amenity-heavy B&B. For food, try a hearty mix of boardwalk staples with an upscale Italian restaurant thrown in. And a beach location is key: I’d love to be conquering the waves, laying out, or renting bicycles for the boardwalk.” —Lauren, Merchandising & Marketing Associate

“Romance and thoughtfulness go hand-in-hand, so the getaway should be somewhere well thought-out yet unexpected. Make sure all of the major arrangements like transportation and lodging are in place, but leave out a chunk of time that is unplanned. This way the two of you can explore and do things as they come up without feeling tied down.” —Courtney, Merchant, Lifestyle Marketing & Merchandising

“Go with the flow. Enjoy the time and make some decisions together, and every once in a while, bust out your awesome surprise moves. Logistics aside, any earnest attempt at a romantic weekend getaway automatically gets an A+ in my book, even if everything goes horribly wrong. This is a very literal ‘A-for-effort’ type of situation.” —Alex, Digital Designer

“Know her vacation guidelines. Mine are: no less than 80-degree weather, all-inclusive, beachside stay (an infinity pool doesn't hurt either), an adventure that doesn't require too much energy (ziplining, parasailing, etc.).” —Maryanne, Brand Campaign Analyst

“The most important rule is to find things you both love that you can enjoy as one. It naturally brings you closer together. Avoid planning vacations that are one-sided. While my husband may love the casino and I enjoy shopping, we both love the outdoors, so we always plan trips to the mountains or to a cabin on a lake.” —Megan, Associate, People & Culture

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