How To: Prep Your Legs for Summer

Do you hear that? It's the sound of women gleefully removing their rain jackets and kicking off their boots. After months of unpredictable temps, the warm-weather season is finally upon us, which means one thing: Your likely pale and scaly legs are going to be on full display. Follow this advice to give them a little T.L.C. before slipping into that pleated skirt.


Ensure that your stems are touchable with a gentle exfoliator like BijaBody's Daily Body Scrub. The non-scratchy formula uses good-for-you ingredients that cleanse the skin without altering its natural pH. To really wake up your legs, try nyakio's Kenyan Coffee Body Scrub, which combines sugar, jojoba seed oil, avocado oil, and Kenyan beans to remove the skin's dull outer layer, leaving legs refreshed, moisturized and ready to show off.


Regardless of how skilled you are at the art of shaving, occasional nicks and bumps are inevitable. To prevent them, try Eco-Armour's Shave with Benefits. The sustainable and botanical ingredients nourish your skin, prevent ingrown hairs and even extend the life of your razor blades. It also comes in luxe scents like Bergamot + Pink Grapefruit.


Just consider Miracle Skin's Transformer for Body a primer for your legs. The multi-tasking formula contains jojoba oil and hyaluronic acids to moisturize, provides SPF 20 protection, and adds a natural-looking tint perfect for masking blemishes and scars.


No time to work out? Caudalie's Divine Legs is the equivalent of your morning run in a bottle. The lotion’s unique blend of oils, including hibiscus, grape, argan, and sesame, work together to both firm and soften your pegs. We also dig the fact that the formula features a subtle tint, to which our editor Meredith can attest.


Take it to the next level with Supergoop!'s Gradual Self-Tanning Mousse SPF 20. This sunless tanner gives you a natural glow without leaving behind any icky streaks or outfit-staining residue. In addition to its antioxidant-rich formula, it has a fresh green tea and cucumber scent.


To get rid of those pesky red bumps, apply Whish's Flawless Ingrown Hair Serum Ingredients like wheat germ and yeast help to reduce redness post-shaving, and vitamin-rich papaya extract weakens existing follicles to put the kibosh on future ingrown hairs. Since the gel formula is alcohol-free, you don’t have to worry about burning or stinging!


Until the real world invents its own Instagram filter, cover up unwanted marks and scars with Dermablend's Smooth Indulgence SPF 20 Concealer. From camouflaging birthmarks to concealing varicose veins, this formula makes all of your leg insecurities literally disappear. And with long-lasting pigments, there’s no need to reapply. Now about that pleated skirt…

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