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Skincare · October 14, 2015

How to Prevent Back Acne

Practice Good Hygiene

Start by switching your shower routine. Youll want to foam up every day with a body wash that contains salicylic acid, and exfoliate once or twice a week with a mild cleansing gel. Dont irritate your skin with burning hot water, harsh soaps, or tough scrubsthe key here is gentle, consistent treatment.

Try these:

Clark's Botanicals Skin Clearing Face and Body Wash

(MALIN + GOETZ) peppermint body scrub

Get Smart About Grooming

All your products should be noncomedogenic, meaning they wont clog your pores. This extends from your styling wax and shave gel to your sunscreen and moisturizer. Toss out anything that contains lanolin, petroleum, and silicone derivatives.

Try these:

V76 by Vaughn V Rated Natural Wax

Ursa Major Stellar Shave Cream

Supergoop! Anti-Aging City Sunscreen Serum SPF 30

Brickell Men's Products Daily Essential Face Moisturizer

Wash Your Fabrics

Limit the acne-causing bacteria around you by wearing clean, loose cotton shirts and washing your sheets regularly. (Guys, regularly is once or twice a month, not once or twice a year.) And take a fresh look at your laundry: Scented detergent, fabric softener, and dryer sheets all irritate your skin.

De-Stress and Stay Healthy

One of the main causes of adult acne is stress. Make sure to take care of yourself: Eat a healthy diet, get enough sleep, and hit the gym. You can keep clean while getting fit by wiping down weight and cardio machines before working out and jumping in the shower immediately afterwards; dont let the sweat dry into your pores.

Get a Prescription

You can eliminate minor blemishes with an overnight spot treatment. However, if you have painful cystic acne, a dermatologist is your best bet. Prescription medications use powerful doses of erythromycin, tetracycline, or isotretinoin to halt bacteria and control oil.

First, try this:

(MALIN + GOETZ) acne treatment nighttime


Adam Hurly