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Skincare · June 5, 2021

The 3-Step Trick That Prevents Your Concealer From Creasing

Step 1: Tap face oil under your eyes.

Apply a drop or two of face oil to your pointer and middle finger and lightly and quickly tap from your outer to inner under-eye corner. I like using Suki Balancing Facial Oil because it's 97% organic, non-greasy, and contains omega fatty acid-rich oils to nourish that sensitive skin.

Step 2: Apply a moisturizing under-eye concealer.

I like to use a creamy concealer like Benefit Cosmetics Boi-ing Hydrating Concealer. It's shaped like a lipstick and has a moisturizing core that's surrounded by the concealer so it glides on smooth. I use my pointer and middle finger to lightly press the concealer under my eyes. Do not rub in with your fingers! Since the under-eye skin is so delicate, it can pull and stretch easily, making fine lines more pronounced.

Step 3: Reapply face oil as needed.

If you notice some creasing later in the day (its still possible, especially if you're braving the elements!), don't apply more concealer. Instead, reapply no more than one drop of oil underneath your eyes with the same light tapping motion in step one. The oil will act as a plumping agent to fill in any fine lines.

Do you "cook" your concealer? Find out more about this application trick here.

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