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Shaving · April 15, 2015

Springtime PSA: Youre Shaving Your Legs All Wrong

Are You Using the Right Razor?

In order to get smooth legs you need a sharp, clean razor. Though the trend today is upwards of five blades, Lipner recommends a razor with just two or threeyou only need one for lifting the hair and one for cutting the haira drugstore variety like Bics Soleil Triple Blade Disposable Razor will do the trick. A dull blade can drag on the skin causing bumps and nicks, so she recommends replacing it once a week if youre shaving frequently.

Is Your Shaving Product Drying Out Your Skin?

Step away from the bar soap and toss out any shaving creams that contain skin-drying alcohol. Instead, reach for a moisturizing product like Whishs Shave Crave Shaving Cream, a non-foaming formula that uses hydrating oils and essences to smooth skin and soften hair to prevent cuts and irritation.

Are You Rushing?

Taking the time to prep your legs for shaving is just as important as any other part of the process, which is why picking up your razor immediately after hopping in the shower is a no-no. Lipner advises first washing your legs with a gentle cleanser (we like (MALIN+GOETZ) bergamot body wash) to remove dirt and oil, which prevent you from getting a close shave. Next, apply a layer of product and let it sit for two to three minutes in order to coat the hair. Once you start, avoid irritation by using slow, smooth movements. Your routine should take around five minutes totalroughly the length of Drunk in Love.

Are You Applying Too Much Pressure?

Pushing hard on your razor wont actually get you a closer shaveinstead, itll increase the likelihood of ingrown hairs and razor rash, says Lipner. While removing hair, let your razor glide over your skin in smooth, fluid motions. If you feel the need to press hard in order to remove hair, its a sign that youre not rinsing enough between strokes or that its time to replace your blades.

Are You Shaving in the Correct Direction?

You never want to shave up first, says Lipner. Instead, first follow the grain of your hair to avoid ingrowns, which form when short, sharp hairs curl back into the skin. If youre very sensitive, thats as far as you should go; but for an even closer shave, you can move against the grain afterwards.

Are You Soothing Your Skin Post-Shave?

Skipping moisturizer can lead to dryness, which causes irritation. Apply a targeted product like Whishs Flawless Ingrown Hair Serum, an alcohol-free gel that prevents razor rash with anti-inflammatory ingredients like willow bark and wheat germ. Follow with a soothing lotion like Whishs Three Whishes Body Butter, which hydrates and softens skin with shea butter and antioxidants like blueberry and acai.


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