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March 6, 2015

How to: Start Your Own YouTube Channel

Choose the Right Camera

High quality videos are now the norm, so your built-in web cam may not cut it in the long run. Still, you dont have to spend hundreds on a DSLR camera. A point and shoot camera will work just fine while you figure out if doing YouTube is really right for you, says Weiland, who started out with a Samsung digital camera and later upgraded to a Sony HD Camcorder.

Know Your Lighting

Its hard to beat natural lightits flattering and free, so seek out a large window and make that your home base. If your schedule only allows for filming after the sun sets, consider ordering a ring light like this one. Its easy to set up and gives the most balanced light, which is what you need for makeup tutorials in particular, says Ross.

Get a Little Tech Savvy

Experiment with video and photo editing programs that will make your channel look profesh. Ross and Weiland swear by iMovie for editing. Instead of splurging on Photoshop, try PicMonkey.com, a free image editing website thats great for upgrading your video thumbnails. As for music, Ross recommends checking out YouTubes audio library for free, non-copyrighted tunes.

Pretend Theres an Audience

Filming your first few tutorials can be awkward. The only way to get past the ums, uhs, and the fact that youre talking to yourself in an empty room is to practice, practice, practice. The more you do it, the more comfortable you'll become, says Weiland. Just imagine you're talking to your followers instead of a camera.

Establish a Routine

Keeping your channel consistently updated is the best way to grow your vlog. It can be tough though because filming, editing, and uploading takes hours, says Weiland. Set an upload goal and vow to stick to a schedule. Both Weiland and Ross recommend working on up to two to three video uploads a week to keep your followers engaged without bombarding them with too much content.

Become a Social (Media) Butterfly

Just like in the real world, gaining a following is all about networking. It's crucial to interact with your followers, says Weiland. Other quick tips to grow your channel: make your titles clear and concise (think: what would I Google?), and follow, comment, and like other vloggers who share similar interests. Above all, be patientyou wont have thousands of followers overnight!