How To: Studded Nail Art

As much as we love preppy stripes and artsy gradients, when we want to take our nail art up a notch, we bring out the studs. A 3-D manicure is an edgy way to showcase fashion's trends and textures on your nails. All you need for these three studded manicures is a steady hand and some craft store supplies.

studded nails

Studs in a Row

You’ll need two shades of polish and about 25 small metallic studs or flat beads for this two-toned mani. Begin by painting each nail with the lighter of your two polishes. After it dries, split the nail diagonally, filling in half of each nail with a darker polish. You’ll be covering the horizontal line with studs, so don’t worry if your line is a little shaky. While the polish is still tacky, pick up each stud with tweezers and apply them in a diagonal row. Top your manicure (studs and all!) with a thick layer of top coat for shine and protection.

Colors used: OPI My Very First Knockwurst, a soft, creamy pink, and tenoverten Church, a rich, high-gloss deep red.

beaded half moon

Beaded Half Moon

To add pizzazz to a half moon mani, head to the craft store for small beads or rhinestones (hint: look in the scrapbooking section!). You’re likely to smudge your freshly painted nails if you use your fingers, so use a pair of tweezers to carefully apply the beads to the base of each nail in a half moon pattern. While a mani with this much texture isn’t the most practical for everyday wear, it’s a conversation-starting look fit for a party or special night out.

Colors used: tenoverten Worth, a shimmery metallic foil. For a similar look, try Color Club Disco Nap.

neon nailheads

Neon Nailheads

Candy-colored nailheads add interest to a regular mani with minimal effort. After painting each nail with the polish of your choice, carefully place the nailheads down on the center of each nail, pushing them gently into the wet polish to make sure they adhere firmly. A layer of glossy top coat will ensure that your 3-D mani stays intact for at least two to three days.

Colors used: tenoverten Commerce, a saturated cobalt blue with a rich, full-coverage formula.

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