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Hair · October 1, 2015

Long Hairstyles Tutorial: How to Maintain and Style a Man Bun

Man Bun Requirements

** You want a good amount of hair on the front, back, and sides this varies by hair type, but usually means a length of 12-16 inchesenough that it's at least brushing your shoulders.

Be sure to keep the sideburns and neckline trimmed while the rest of the hair grows out so the style looks intentional.

How to Style a Man Bun

1. Start out with clean, dry hair, then pour a minimal (dime-sized) amount of leave-in conditioner or hair oil on your palm.

2. Spread the product across your fingers, then run it through the hair, starting at the root and working your way out. This will give it some healthy shine without looking greasy.

3. Scoop the hair toward the back of your head from all directions, until you have a handful at the nape of your neck or the crown of your head.

4. Double up an elastic band, and pull the hair through about two times.

5. Pull through a third time, but only halfway, so the hair has a rounded shape.

6. Pull out a longer strand of hair from the bun and wrap it around the elastic band to hide it.

7. You can use hairspray to keep flyways to a minimum, but looking a little unkempt is part of the appeal.

How to Grow a Man Bun

If you have shorter hair and want to get some length, let's hope you don't have commitment issues: This is not an overnight process. A few hints to help you along the way:

** Patience pays. Depending on the length you're starting with, man bun-ready hair can take up to a year to grow. Make sure you're ready for the commitment.

Don't give up on your barber. You may think growing out your hair is all about letting nature take its course, but you're going to want to see a professional, at least every six weeks or so. There will be phases when it just looks weird, but a good barber can trim split ends and thin out bulky areas so youre not mistaken for a walking mushroom.

More Mens Hair Styling Tips

Be sure to pick a hairstyle that matches your face shape.

Learn how to properly apply hair product.

Different stylerslike wax, paste, pomade, or creamdo different things. See where they fall on the Hold vs. Shine hair-styling matrix.


Adam Hurly