How to: Survive Allergy Season

For some of us, the most memorable part of spring isn’t the daffodils sprouting: it’s the telltale sniffling and sneezing attributed to allergy season. Just because you’re susceptible to a high pollen count doesn’t mean you have to show it on your face. Our tips for masking a runny nose, watery eyes and other allergy symptoms:

Skin TLC

With all that sniffling, it’s easy to spend the spring months looking more like a certain North Pole-dwelling reindeer. Repair your battered, red nose with a healing lotion like Weleda’s Skin Food, which contains vitamin E to soften raw skin, and rosemary leaf to soothe irritation.

Lip Service

Another side effect of an ever-drippy nose? Perennially chapped lips. Prevent dryness with a powerhouse moisturizer like Elite Therapeutics Elite Lip Balm. This versatile product uses manuka honey extract and açai pulp oil to hydrate and protect—and conveniently makes a perfect base for any lip color.

Clear Eyes

Aside from the barrage of “Are you okay?” inquiries, the most annoying part about itchy, watery eyes is their war on eye makeup. Consider stay-put liners and mascaras, like Smashbox Cosmetics’ Always Sharp Waterproof Eyeliner and Marcelle Twist Push Up Mascara, which is hypoallergenic too.

Drink Up!

Antihistamines like Benadryl and Zyrtec, though effective, can dry out skin, so be sure to stay hydrated during allergy season. Our advice: Carrying a chic water bottle like the KOR Aura Water Bottle makes it that much easier to remember your full (or refills) of H2O each day.

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