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Summer · June 28, 2018

How to Tackle Body Sweat

Blla for Men Body Powder

This team favorite is the holy grail of grooming products. All-natural and suitable for all skin types, the powder is a far cry from the baby-scented formulas found in the drugstore. Applying a bit of this before heading out can help absorb sweat, odor, and prevent uncomfortable chafing without any clumpy powder residue. After a shower, or when needed, just shake a bit into hands and apply all over. We aim for every part of the body thats susceptible to perspiration and odor, especially the downstairs region thats home to the dreaded swamp crotch.

Anthony No Sweat Body Defense

As functional as powder may be, sometimes the occasion calls for something easier to apply. Thats where this Anthony cream-to-powder steps init effectively keeps body sweat under control with an ultra-easy application. When applied (you can use it anywhere), the cream quickly turns into a residue powder. On the hottest of days we put a dab of this on our foreheads to help battle any unsightly sweat drips.

Jack Black All-Over Wipes for Face & Body

When youre on the go, the next best thing to a cold shower are these wipes. Using a cleansing wipe is an easy, and convenient, way to get a quick refresh. Formulated with aloe and glycerin, these not only cleanse dirt and sweat from your skin, but they also help to deodorize. We love throwing them into our gym bags or carry-ons when traveling for a quick pick-me-up.


Alexis Bridenbaugh