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August 30, 2019

How to Take a Good Selfie

  1. Design Your Frame
    Think of the frame around the subject (you!) as a photo in and of itself. Is there anything distracting in the background that might catch peoples attention (think: a not-so-sightly vacuum or a neon green watering can)? You'd be surprised at the small details people will notice. Move props aroundor completely outuntil your background fits the vibe youre going for. Oh, and watch for placement of background items as well (you dont want it to look like there's a plant growing out of your head!).
  2. Find Your Light
    Use a natural light source when possible (the best option is always a window) and angle yourself so its shining on your face, not the back of your head. However, direct bright sunlight isnt the best for photosthats when you tend to get squinty eyes and harsh shadows. Try diffusing your natural light (like through a sheer curtain), or experiment with overhead lighting. The latter will take some trial and error, though: Most light bulbs create warm light that can make your photo look too yellow. Before you commit any lighting setup, check to make sure it doesn't cast a weird shadow on your face.
  3. Work Your Angles
    For the most flattering angle, keep your camera raised up a bit, so you're looking up towards the camera. And were going to sound like your parents here: Posture! Think of an invisible string running up your back and through the top of your head, pulling your entire body straight. Tilt your head a little every which way and snap until you find a pose you love. Take a ton of photos: You can always delete later.
  4. Find the Right Camera App
    If photography is a hobby of yours but youre not familiar with the technical aspects (like shutter speed, aperture, and ISO), shoot on your phones native camera app. If youre a photography buff, use an app that has more controls (we like Moment). Our favorite control is white balance, which allows you to adjust the tones and color of your photo before you capture it.
  5. Give it a Final Edit
    We're not talking about filters; your facial features are what make you, you. VSCO and InShot are just a few of the tons of free editing apps available to make your photo or video feel more unique to your personality with music, text, and graphics. You can also make your shot brighter by upping the exposure on photos to help smooth out harsh lines or get rid of shadows.

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Alexis Bridenbaugh