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Targeted Solutions for Your Most Annoying Skin Issues

Ever looked in the mirror, thrown up your hands, and wondered, “What the heck is going on with my skin?” We’ve been there. From ambiguous red patches to persistent forehead creases, there isn’t always an obvious course of action when it comes to treatment. Natural brand Suki has done the hard work for you, with targeted skincare lines that are backed by gentle yet effective ingredients. We match some of the most troubling skin concerns with the Suki product that’s best suited to you.

The Complexion Gripe: Fine lines

How to Spot It: These shallow creases tend to show up first around the eyes, between the brows, and across the forehead as your body’s production of skin-firming collagen starts to dip, according to Dr. Jennifer Linder, a board-certified dermatologist. The Targeted Treatment: Suki’s “Renew” line addresses the underlying causes of premature aging (like environmental stressors and dryness) with wrinkle-fighting retinol and antioxidants. The radical results youth serum smooths fine lines and plumps skin. Pair it with suki® eye lift renewal cream, which contains a stabilized form of vitamin C to boost collagen levels, as well as hyaluronic acid to hydrate and natural caffeine to firm sagging skin.

The Complexion Gripe: Inflammation

How to Spot It: Your skin’s immune response to a sunburn, blemish, or cut, inflammation appears red or purple and may feel painful, hot, or swollen.
The Targeted Treatment: Because inflammation has many causes, it also has many potential treatments—but cutting out irritating skincare ingredients is a good place to start. suki® tinted active moisturizer – BDL uses a gentle, all-natural formula to even out skin tone while reducing telltale redness and swelling.

The Complexion Gripe: Dryness

How to Spot It: A dull or flaky appearance, with pores that appear small or nearly invisible. Dry complexion may cause an uncomfortable feeling of tightness and show more signs of premature aging than normal skin.
The Targeted Treatment: Wash your face with suki® moisture-rich cleansing lotion morning and night. The gentle, oatmeal-infused formula unclogs pores while restoring optimal hydration levels.

The Complexion Gripe: Oiliness

How to Spot It: A greasy sheen that originates in the T-zone and spreads outward from the cheeks to the sides of the face. Oily skin is often accompanied by acne, blackheads, and enlarged pores.
The Targeted Treatment: Everyone can benefit from using suki® exfoliate foaming cleanser, but oily skin types in particular should lather up twice a day. After cleansing, apply suki® balancing day lotion in the morning to control sebum levels, and suki® balancing facial oil to help your complexion maintain an even keel overnight.

The Complexion Gripe: Acne

How to Spot It: Pimples take the form of red, raised bumps on the skin that are infected with bacteria, resulting in swelling and the accumulation of pus. Whereas blackheads look like tiny black dots on the surface of the skin.
The Targeted Treatment: suki® purifying acne serum™ targets both chronic, cystic acne and the occasional blemish using salicylic acid and skin-soothing botanicals.

The Complexion Gripe: Rosacea

How to Spot It: Chronically flushed, red cheeks may be a sign of this vascular disorder, but only a dermatologist can tell you for sure. Rosacea is often accompanied by red bumps or visible blood vessels and, unlike the glow you get after working out, it persists throughout the day.
The Targeted Treatment: There’s no cure for rosacea, but many people find relief in a non-irritating skincare regimen. Suki’s all-natural, super-gentle products are designed with rosacea-sufferers in mind—like their concentrated clarifying toner, which soothes irritation and redness while purifying skin.

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