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Makeup Tutorials · June 20, 2016

Nail Your Cat-Eye Every Single Time with beautyblenders New liner.designer

For Smudge-Free Eyes


For a winged look even Adele would be proud of, just warm up a liner.designer between your hands for a few seconds and stick it to your cheek at the angle you prefer. Grab your liner of choice (the designer works with pencils, gels, and liquid formulas), and start to draw. Use the straight edge to create an exact, extended wing; the slightly curved end for a subtle bend; and the short round edge to get everything from a clean tight-line to a dramatic double-wing look.

For Clean Mascara Application


Hands up if youve ever applied mascara only to find it all over your brow bone and lower lashline. (Raised-hand emoji.) By placing the liner.designer behind your lashes as you apply a coat of your favorite mascara, you can protect the rest of your eye makeup from clumps and other excess formula. (You can even stick it underneath your eyes to protect your skin as you coat your tiny lower lashes.)

For Flawless Lips


We already know that lip liner is a great tool for defining your lip shape and keeping your lip color from fading throughout the day. If you need help getting an even line, hold the liner.designer at the edge of your lips as you move your pencil from corner to corner. (And if youre overlining, use the tool help you create a natural-looking shape.)


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