How to Use Pomegranates: Birchbox Test Kitchen

Much to my delight, pomegranates are currently in season, and you won’t want to miss the opportunity to incorporate these sweet, tangy fruits into your winter recipes. In addition to being gorgeous to look at, these superfruits can keep you feeling good. Lauded the world over for their medical benefits, pomegranates pack antioxidants that help keep blood pressure and cholesterol at healthy levels.

A handful of pom seeds alone make for a great snack or salad topper, and it’s never a bad idea to juice the tasty seeds. (Just be careful when juicing, as pomegranate stains don’t come out in the wash! Read up on how safely de-seed them here.) Without further ado, here some of my favorite ways to enjoy pomegranates:


Mix seeds into your plain or vanilla yogurt, work into a fruit reduction for your pancake drizzle, or give your granola a little pizzazz.


Toss into an almond pilaf instead of dried cranberries, or use as a bright sauce for your pork chops.

Cocktail Hour

For a simple and clean with a touch of sweet, muddle a handful of seeds and add to a dry Vodka martini. Or, put a spin on your go-to cocktail by swapping out cranberry juice for a delightful Vodka Pom.

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