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November 14, 2018

Your Guide to the Most Unique rms beauty Formulas

How to Use: rms beauty un cover-up

This isnt your average concealer. Unlike traditional formulas, it veils imperfections and redness without ever feeling heavy or getting caked up. And with nourishing ingredients like coconut oil and jojoba seed oil, it offers hydrating perks for skin, too.

Before applying any complexion products, Swift recommends prepping skin by massaging the rms beauty beauty oil into damp skin. It makes application easy, she explains, "and the natural and organic ingredients in rms beauty work synergistically. And that includes the coconut oil in her un cover up, which tends to throw off customers, since certain forms of coconut oil can clog pores. What differentiates our coconut oil from most coconut oils is how its processedvia cold centrifuge and that it has never been heated, she says. Heat can destroy its healing properties and molecular structure.

Because Swift isnt a fan of full-coverage foundation, she considers the un cover up as more of a spot treatment. Apply where coverage is really needednose, chin, cheeks, undereyes, says Swift, who also recommends layering on rms beauty "un" powder in the T-zone using the included puff. The skin should glow and not be totally powdered. For more coverage, you can repeat these two steps without worryitll never look spackled on.

How to Use: rms beauty master mixer

The master mixer, a creamy, rose-gold pigment that can be mixed with highlighter, lipstick, eyeshadow, and more (hence the name), is one of those products that looks intriguing and coolbut also seems a tad too tricky to ever use yourself. In fact, its anything but. The appeal of the master mixer is that you can wear it alone or layer it with any other product and still get a gorgeous effect. There are no limits to using this product, says Swift. Its called the master mixer for a reason.

On the skin, its universally-flattering, rose-gold color helps blur skin imperfections and add radiance. It can be applied as a highlighter on cheekbones or wherever desired, says Swift. One of my favorite tips is to apply this on your lips over any of our lip2cheeks, lip shines, or wild with desire lipsticks to add a refined, pearlescent shimmer.

Keep in mind, though, that a little master mixer goes a long way, so start with a small dab and work your way up depending on your comfort level. Trying it out as an eyeshadow is a great start, says Swift. Just have fun with it and get creative.

How to Use: rms beauty living luminizer

Swift designed this iconic, coconut oil-infused highlighter to look like your own skin but ten times better. (No wonder its a cult-favorite.) And for that reason, you can apply it just about anywhere. Really: Apply it to your cheekbones, under brows, on the bridge of the nose, cupid's bow, or inner corner of the eyes for added brightness, says Swift. Or try it on your collar bones, shoulders, and even the knuckles for an added luminous highlight.

Her favorite way to wear it is as an eye polish: Simply dab a small amount onto the center of your eyelids for an instant brightening, eye-opening effect. However you choose to wear it, though, it should come last in your makeup routine. If you put powder on top of it, itll absorb the sheen, warns Swift, and you wont get the full effect of the glow.

If you want to wear it as a highlighter, place it on your cheekbones one finger-width below your outer eye. And when applying to the bridge of the nose, keep the line thin and blend it well. (Never dot it on the tip of the nose, says Swift, as it looks overdone and can be tough to blend in well.) Used the right way, people will start complimenting you on your skin, not your makeup, because glowing skin is where it all begins, she adds.


Alexis Bridenbaugh