How To: Use Sea Salt Spray Year-Round

We’ve made the transition from lightweight jackets to our puffiest down coats, and have bid adieu to iced coffee till spring. But don’t go changing your entire hair routine just yet. Despite its beachy moniker, sea salt spray is one styling aid that you can use year-round. “Beachy waves are more about an effortlessly chic, casual style than they are about a season,” says Mark Hampton, Global Hair Ambassador for TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe. Even better, this tousled look can actually help solve all manner of wintertime woes. So go ahead and consider this your year-round beach pass…for your hair.

Stay Hydrated

Dry winter climes suck the moisture right out of strands, and overwashing will only add insult to injury, says Hampton. On second- or even third-day hair, opt for a thorough spritzing with a sea salt spray—like Toni & Guy Casual: Sea Salt Texturizing Spray. It will mask grease like a dry shampoo while also adding much-needed texture, so you can go longer between washes and still have healthy volume.

Update an Updo

Holiday party season is the time to play with all sorts of off-the-neck styles, and a sea salt spray will make them much easier to pull off. Spray generously onto dry hair to give strands extra texture and prevent them from slip-sliding out of the style. Once hair is in place, use again as a finishing spray. Hampton says, “The Salt Spray can provide a very modern texture to what might be typically considered an 'expected' style.” A matte finish on your chignon or French twist, for example, is a chic departure from the typical smooth-and-glossy look.

Keep Your Hat On

The winter scourge known as hat hair can squash carefully styled strands. But you don’t have to forgo a warm chapeau. Sea salt spray can help control static electricity by reducing friction against your head, making it less likely that you’ll look like you’ve stuck your fingers in an electrical socket every time you take your hat off. To breathe new life into squished hair, lightly dampen strands, then spritz evenly from roots to tips. Tousle to restore that wavy texture, and blow-dry (or, in a pinch, let air dry). “Better yet—keep the hat on!” advises Hampton. “Tousled waves look great flowing from under a hat.” We’re inclined to agree.

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