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Style · September 25, 2015

Bolo Ties: 3 Ways to Wear One (Even If You're Not From Texas)

### The Self-Aware Nod

With this look, you're embracing the bolo tie as it's meant to be worn: like any other tie. Button your shirt (short- or long-sleeved) all the way up, tighten the clasp, and command the style like a bull rider. Keep that confidence high...or else you'll look like a rodeo clown.


### The Casual Complement

Undo your top button and wear the tie more loosely around your neck, but still under the collar. It's half bolo-tie happy hour, half jewelry, but full-on bad-ass if you can pull it off.


### The Weekend Accessory

Ditch the collar and pair the bolo tie with a tank top, denim jacket, or any other "festival wear" for a more laid-back style. We admit, it's a little Coachella-clich, but maybe you and Macklemore will lock eyes and have a moment. Lucky you.



Adam Hurly