Insider Guide: Aspen

If you want glitz along with your powder, Aspen is the ski town for you. Known for its world-class slopes, swanky shopping, and celebrity sightings, Aspen is a playground for the upwardly mobile and seriously rich. Whether you’re a snow bunny or a serious shredder, the place to go for the most stylish ski and après ski apparel is Performance Ski Aspen, owned by Lee Keating and her husband Tom Bowers. Not one to sit still, Keating has also recently partnered with legendary Italian fashion label Authier to help revive the brand. Because of her expert eye and fabulous taste, we asked Keating to reveal the best of what Aspen has to offer. Here’s what she had to say.

Best Thing About the City

Aspen is like a neighborhood in New York City, but right at the base of the most beautiful mountains. You have great restaurants, theater, and shopping and yet in the morning, you can get up and go cross-country skiing. It’s just awesome.

Top Shops

Well mine, of course. Nuages is a clothing store that has an eclectic selection — Azzedine Alaia to Lainey sweaters to some Marni. They’re the perfect things to wear here. Amen Wardy sells all sorts of beautiful housewares.

Altitude Aware

It’s so dry here. I use La Mer face cream and just goop it on. The minute you arrive, you have to be well-equipped with a lot of Chapstick. You need it in every pocket.

Combating Hat Hair

It’s all about hat hair. You have to be very comfortable with how your hair looks when you take off your hat or helmet. The coolest beanie brand is Elder Statesmen. They’re so soft and they don’t itch.

Skin Savvy

People don’t wear a lot of makeup. It’s more about skin products and sun protection because we’re so high and it’s so dry. Skinceuticals sport block is the best.

Post-skiing Recovery

Mostly people have private masseuses — there’s a woman named Jenette who is so in demand that you have to have her phone number. But the Remede Spa at the St. Regis is worth a splurge for an overall spa experience. Yoga is really popular here too. 02 Aspen has yoga, pilates, and a tiny spa for facials and waxing.

If I Moved Away, I’d Book Trips Back Just For…

I’d come back to ride my bike to Maroon Bells. That’s the spa treatment here – it’s a physical thing. The mountains are the spa.

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