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Books · January 7, 2015

5 Self-Help Books You Wont Mind Reading in Public

2015 Unsolicited Advice Weekly Planner

Whats better than having a personal cheerleader that youre forced to check in with everyday? This weekly planner by 1 Page at a Time author Adam J. Kurtz. It's littered with daily motivations (If the door isnt locked, just open it again!) to keep your creative juices flowing all year long.

The Novel Cure

Sometimes the best cure is a fictional escape. This guide, compiled by bibliotherapist (aka book doctor) Ella Berthoud, prescribes a novel for everything that ails you. Feeling the pangs of aging? Berthoud recommends picking up sci-fi classic Logans Run.

Rethinking Positive Thinking

While daydreaming about all the awesome things you want to do in the New Year is fun and all, its even more exciting to actually get things done. Professor of psychology Gabriele Oettingen looks beyond the bright side to help readers turn their dreams into realistic, attainable goals. Sometimes realistic thinking can actually trump positive thinking.

Empathy: Why it Matters, How to Get It

By identifying with others, you'll feel better about yourselfthat's the theory behind Roman Krzaric's new book. The co-founder of School of Life, an international organization offering courses on how to enrich your emotional well-being, shares how becoming a more empathetic person can lead to less stress and greater happiness.

Passionate Nutrition: A Guide to Using Food as Medicine from a Nutritionist Who Healed Herself from the Inside Out

Not quite a memoir, not quite a guide to dieting, Passionate Nutrition is an unconventional self-help book dressed up in foodie clothing. Whether youre trying to lose a few pounds or just want to begin the year with a burst of energy, nutritionist Jennifer Adlers mix of personal stories and clinical knowledge is a great jumping off point for anyone curious about the positive effects of healthy, mindful eating.