J.Law Gets the Photoshop Treatment

Here we go again! This week, the Tumblr-digging sleuths of the Internet underworld unearthed an unholy treasure from 2011: Canadian fashion mag Flare’s cover featuring Jennifer Lawrence—both before and after her Photoshop treatment.

Photoshop, Jennifer Lawrence GIF

Of course, we’ve been here before. The phantom hands, elongated torsos, and computer-designed bodies are laughable, but what’s been done to our fair J.Law is downright unnecessary editing. We much prefer her look pre-retouching—what have you done with her natural, youthful glow? We’ll chalk this one up to 2011 lameness, but from now on: Don’t mess with our girl Katniss.

Let us know what you think about this cover in the comments below. We’ve asked before and we’ll ask again: Do you think Photoshopped images should be explicitly labeled?

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