Jackpot! Five Winning Hotel Spas in Las Vegas

Last weekend, I was in Las Vegas to cover one of our country's largest fashion trade shows, MAGIC. Every year it's 72 hours of dashing from hotel to hotel in the desert's scorching heat—which gives me some serious anxiety—so I did my due diligence by booking a few spa appointments. After all, I don't gamble, so my idea of reckless behavior is overdosing on fancy facials and foot massages.

I've tested my share of Sin City pampering palaces over the years and can wholeheartedly say that not all luxury spas are created equal. With that said, here's a roundup of my go-to spots whenever I'm in town.

Encore (3131 Las Vegas Blvd)

This hotel's Forbes Five Star award-winning spa is on another level. From the second you step in, you're immediately transported to a Zen escape that envelops your body with calming peace. It's one of my top five on the planet. Even if you don't get one of their pricey treatments (the 80-minute massage is a must), the $40 day spa gets you tons of amenities, including tea and fruit, and access to the steam room, whirlpool and tranquility lounge.

Mandarin Oriental (3752 Las Vegas Blvd)

Speaking of foot massages, this hotel's haven offers one of the best—real talk. After lathering a Chinese-inspired spearmint concoction onto your steppers, attendants give you a fantastic exfoliation that makes your soles feel as soft as a newborn baby. While all the treatments certainly don't come cheap (check out their services and pricing here, there's a reason people come from all over the world to experience their offerings.

Wynn (3131 S Las Vegas Blvd)

Famed hotelier Steve Wynn can do no wrong, which is why it's not surprising that his Wynn hotel spa offers an equally gratifying experience as the spot at its sister hotel, Encore. Also a five star-rated location, this location is great for men, women and couples—which is perfect for those guys who feel a little weird getting pampered solo. (At least that's how my husband is.) Their facials (see the menu here) are top-notch, especially the Fusion Facial that comes with a revitalizing ginseng mask and the Organic Facial that offers paraben-free botanicals and all-natural ingredients.

Mandalay Bay (3950 Las Vegas Blvd)

This one is near and dear to me because the majority of trade show action happened at this hotel, which made it even easier to sneak off to get some beautification done in-between appointments. With prices ranging from semi-reasonable $90 to $215, their deep tissue Swedish massages are the stuff that dreams are made of. It's a great spa to get a pro mani and pedi, too.

Vdara (2600 W Harmon Ave)

With a salon, whirlpools, saunas and a fully-equipped fitness center, this eco-friendly spot has a little bit of everything. Sized at a whopping 18,000 square feet, the two-story facility also features a smoothie bar, which just might be what you're looking for after all the drinking you'll inevitably be doing. (When in Rome, right?)

Photo: Encore

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