January 2014: Editor’s Letter

Resolutions can be a bit dodgy—as Anchorman’s Brian Fontana might say, 60 percent of the time they fail…every time. That’s why this month we’re narrowing the lofty life-encompassing promises to some specific, achievable goals and focusing on the here and now. That’s what “Go Time” is all about.

For us, that starts with taking our workouts to the next level. We’re not chugging raw eggs and signing up for Ironmans just yet, but we’re excited enough about our brand new jump ropes that such things might not be that far off. Some new seriously teched-out sport trunks are helping as well.

Nothing gets our muscles twitching quite like a workout montage, so we’re kicking things off with a countdown of our all-time favorites over at The Guide (and stay tuned for plenty of workout tutorials in the coming weeks).

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January Monthly Selects

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