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Drink · January 28, 2015

From Leo to Tyson, Japan Has the Celebrity Whiskey Endorsement on Lock

One of the best parts of being famous (so we've heard) is the lucrative endorsements that you can land by sometimes just showing up. That's the case for some of these incredible whiskey ads that were created for the Japanese market.

The team at Supercompressor surfaced some of these gems, starring famous dudes Mike Tyson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Sammy Davis, Jr., and even Orson Welles.

These ads probably cost well under the $70 million that a Macau- and Manila-based resort shelled out to get Martin Scorsese, Leo, Brad Pitt, and Robert DeNiro (all four landed $13 million). Nevertheless, we laud Japanese advertisers for their commitment to star-studded commercials and big budgets for such campaigns. You've got to give the people what they want, and it's almost always going to be whiskey and Mike Tyson.

Watch a few of the ads below.

Mike Tyson

Leonardo DiCaprio

Keanu Reeves

Orson Welles

See more over at Supercompressor.

Photo: Suntory


Adam Hurly