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Style · January 8, 2015

McConaughey vs. Leto: A Tale of Two Fanny Packs

Several months ago, Matthew McConaughey shattered style stereotypes by sporting a fanny pack to a baseball game with a t-shirt, khakis, and his signature air of nonchalance. Suddenly, the defining accessory of middle-aged amusement park attendees felt casual, cool, and utilitarianno questions asked. He justpulled it off.

But earlier this week, Matts Dallas Buyers Club co-star and fellow Oscar winner Jared Leto unveiled to Twitter followers his take on clip-on hip cargo: shirtless, in the desert, with only a pair of very tight, tie-dyed spandex pants to distract from it. Though we admire his boldness, we just can't get on board with this look.

So what's going on here? Is this a brilliant long-term prank on the part of two skilled chameleons? Or some kind of covert carrying case for their still shiny-and-new Oscar trophies?

What all this means for the fanny pack, only time will tell. Perhaps more public figures will come forward in the case for or against it. Perhaps Matthew McConaughey will continue to be the exception to every rule. For now, our advice on fanny pack fashion remains unchanged: Proceed with caution.

Photos: Getty Images, Twitter


Kate Canary