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Hair · January 12, 2015

Move Over, Man Bun: Jared Leto Debuts the Man Braid

In a room overflowing with fortune, fame, and highly scrutinized appearances, Letos messy-yet-meticulous man braid stole the show. The actor and presenter at the evening's awards paired the looka classic, loose braid down the backwith a crisp white tux and a shapely beard.

Last years internet-shattering messy man bun was a tough act to follow, but follow it he didand we admire Leto's commitment to keeping his lengthy coif under control for formal events. We suspect that braiding expert Chris Pratt admires it, too.

Twitter erupted in approval over the do, which soon had its own handle. Move over man bun its [sic] 2015, the profile proclaims.

That it is, Jared Letos Man Braid. That it is.

Photo: NBC


Kate Canary