Jenny’s Triathlon Diary: Training Is Better with Friends

Training for a triathlon can sometimes be a little lonely. Half—ok, maybe more like a quarter—of the battle is finding time to squeeze in all of the necessary workouts (running and cycling and swimming), and often it’s easiest to schedule solo. Luckily, this time around I have a friend training with me.

It all began at the 2013 New York City Marathon—though not as runners. On an inspirational high from watching the amazing, motivated athletes, my friend Becca and I got on the subject of the triathlon I had done the previous year. Suddenly, she was signing up for the lottery, and a few weeks later, she “won.” Becca and I have been friends since sixth grade (yeah, that’s a long time), which may have helped us a bit as we weathered the “ack, we’re really doing this!” storm.

So now, long, weekend bike rides alone are a thing of the past. And that first open-water swim practice? We’ll weather it together in our swim caps and hardcore wet suits.

It’s great to have people backing you up as you train, and I couldn’t ask for a better support system in general from family and friends. But there’s nothing like having a close buddy who’s actually by your side, pushing you past those oh-so-tempting “why don’t we just pass up the bridge and head to brunch instead?” moments and reminding you that, yes, we’re really doing this…and we’re totally tying for first.

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