Jenny’s Triathlon Diary: Transitions

I think I speak for all New Yorkers (and, frankly, at least 75% of the entire country), when I say that spring has been a long, long time coming. This past winter—not to mention the very winter-like beginning to spring—was far from motivating. Early morning alarms intended to get me to the gym as part of my training for a triathlon in August were more often than not snoozed into oblivion. Can you blame me when it was pitch dark and often below 20 degrees outside?

Now, with the weather finally showing signs of a thaw, I’m starting to get comfortable again with the thought of being outside. Don’t get me wrong. I love spinning classes, barre classes work wonders, and yoga is a must for so many reasons. Indoor workouts are essential to training, no matter the season, but I’ve been finding myself craving the freedom of the outdoors after months of hibernation.

Yes, as the temperatures transition from painfully freezing to tolerably chilly, I’m starting to slowly take my training outside. Mandatory treadmill runs will be replaced with a new neighborhood route and the loop in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. Laps at the pool won’t mean extra time spent drying my hair to avoid turning my head into one giant icicle.

The idea of transition seems to be a prevalent one right now. Well, for me at least. Seasons are obviously turning, and therefore, so are the aforementioned workouts. I’m slowly changing my strictly gym-goer status to more of a hybrid role as gym-goer/triathlete-in-training. And then of course my mind is also on the literal transitions in a triathlon, from the swim to the bike and later from the bike to the run. It’s during these times that so much happens: You may have your eye on the bigger picture, but it’s how you move through these shifts—be it through hard work, preparation, or simply even grace—that ultimately helps determine how well you do. Ch-ch-changes, anyone?

Come back next month for the latest in my tri training happenings, and let us know in the comments if you have any tips for me!

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