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Food · January 9, 2015

The Nutrition School You Can Attend From Your Couch

Its the season of healthy eatingespecially for Keri Glassman, a registered dietician and our go-to nutrition expert (her superfood predictions for 2015 are spot on). Determined to teach us her totally accessible, non-textbook approach to diet, she launched The Nutrition School. Its a 12-week hands-on virtual course where she shares the science behind food, how to eat well in real life, and how to build a business around it. The application process is open now, but here are a few of her tips to incorporate into your meals in the meantime:

Start With the Big Picture

Cutting all of the sugar from your life still might not bring you total health. "People may be eating poorly because theyre sleeping poorly. You need to look at the big picture and not just dive right into making big food changes," Glassman says. Swap out diet coke for water. Choose a salad for lunch instead of that condiment-heavy sub.

Go Way Beyond Your Diet

Learning how to fuel your body is about a lot more than your diet. There are eight pillars to Glassmans nutritious life philosophy: Drink water, eat nutrient-rich foods, live consciously, love more, nurture yourself, sleep deep, stress less, and sweat often to improve your whole self, not just the physical.

Dont Take Research Too Seriously

Nutrition is a new scienceits only roughly 100 years old!which is why it may seem like theres a contradictory report every single day. Glassmans recommendation: You always have to take into consideration old research, plus new research, plus your individual lifestyle. If youve never trouble with bread before, dont go gluten-free!

Use the code #Birchbox in your application and if you are accepted into the program youll get $200 off admission!