Kim Kardashian Plays an Early April Fool’s Joke

People love to trash talk celebrities—from their romantic lives to their fluctuating weight, no topic seems too taboo to tackle. This week, some of those haters came face to face with the subjects of their anonymous mudslinging in Oxygen's Celebrities Undercover. The new series from Wendy Williams transforms the rich and famous into unrecognizable versions of themselves, and has them interact with the public in disguise.

First up? Kim Kardashian, who gave up her signature contouring, coiffed locks, and heels for a prosthetic face, curly wig, and flat (!) sandals in an effort to test her fans’ loyalty. The results were, in a word, startling. With Celebrities Undercover, Williams hopes to raise awareness about the often cruel comments she sees about stars online. (Would you want the girls on The Bachelor to hear the things you yelled at the TV every Monday night? We didn’t think so.) While we’re still on the fence about making celebrities look "normal,” we fully support Williams’ mission to think before you Tweet.

Photo: Oxygen

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