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October 12, 2017

The Late Girl's Guide on How to Wake Up and Glow

Apply a Caffeine-Infused Eye Cream

We know, it's hard enough to take your makeup off at night, let alone apply an eye creambut properly caring for your peepers the night before will go a long way the next morning (read: hydrated undereyes that are less puffy with not-as-harsh dark circles). You'll wake up looking bright eyed and bushy tailed when you slather on this Este Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum Synchronized Complex IIa cult-favorite that works its magic while you're catching z's. Formulated with coffee seed extract, it packs a caffeinated punch, just like your morning cup of joe, to instantly perk up the eye area. It also diminishes the telltale signs of lack of sleep so eyes look refreshed and well rested even when you might not be.

Slather on an Overnight Serum

Just as important as the products you put on in the morning are the ones you apply at night, since this is when your skin naturally goes into repair mode. This intensive nighttime-only Midnight Recovery Concentrate from Kiehl's does its thing while you snooze so you wake up with supple, smooth skin. It takes advantage of your skin's natural overnight restorative process to reverse the damage from the day (pollution, UV exposure, and stress) by infusing skin with nourishing botanicals to hydrate, soothe, and boost radiance. And, trust us, once you see how soft and plump your complexion looks the next morning, you won't ever go to bed without it again.

Put Your Hair in a Topknot or Braids

Curling strands into perfect beachy waves is something we like to think we'll have time for in the a.m.but rarely do. So, we try to prep our hair at night to get a similar effect the next day. We like throwing our hair up into a pineapplea loose, tall top knot that resembles the shape of a pineapple and sits as close to the crown of your head as possible (yes, it's a thing)before bed. If your strands are slightly damp because you typically wash them at night (another way to save a good chunk of time in the morning), twist them into a single braid or multiple ones. You'll get natural body, texture, and loose waves when you unravel them in the morningplus it'll save you that time of curling in front of the mirror. Just smooth some oil on your ends to tame flyaways (this one smells just as good as it makes your hair look) once you wake up or add a little texture spray to amp up the volume.

Sleep with a Hair Mask

If you're someone who absolutely must shower in the morning, maximize your beauty sleep by hitting the sack the night before with your dry hair coated in a rich, nourishing mask. This one from Bumble and bumble. is specially formulated to repair damage and soften strands overnight (we suggest wrapping your hair in a towel or putting one on your pillow to minimize mess). Rinse it out the next day and see how much easier it is to style your hair. Strands not only feel softer but also look healthierplus they smell amazing (so you can skip perfume that day too!).

Use Dry Shampoo Before Bed

Yes, you read that right: we're telling you to use dry shampoo before bed. When you're in between wash days (no judgment), applying dry shampoo prior to catching your z's will allow the formula more time to absorb oil so that your hair feels even fresher by morning. Try Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Biotin Dry Shampoo, which doesn't just get rid of grime and oil but also treats the scalp. It balances sebum production, kills bacteria, and promotes hair growth, making it ideal for all hair types. In fact, you can spritz some on and then put your hair up into a pineapple (see above) to get even more volume and fullness.

Lotion Up

Don't forget to give some love to everything below your neckafter all, 95% of the skin on your body lives south of your face. In the summer, our hands, legs, and feet are exposed more often, and in the winter, they're dryer than ever from cold temps. No matter the season, putting on a rich body lotion like this cream from JUARA with candlenut oil is always a good idea. And, so you don't have to worry about your jeans sticking to your legs afterward, applying it before bed is an ideal time. This way, it has roughly eight hours (on a good night!) to sink in, leaving you with hydrated skin that's baby soft come morning.


Alexis Bridenbaugh