Life Lessons from Birchbox Moms

It goes without saying that we’re superhuge fans of our moms. (Dads too! But in honor of Mother’s Day, we’re pulling a little more for Moms.) For many of us, they’re our earliest role models, greatest advocates, and wisest advisers. We wish they didn’t have that pesky habit of always being right, but truth be told, we probably love them that much more for it. Here, four staffers share vintage photos and time-honored lessons from their moms.

Deepica loves Glamglow's Mud Mask! "If my skin looks half as good as my mother’s when I'm her age, I will be one lucky girl. I've seen her create DIY facials in our kitchen using natural ingredients like oatmeal, honey, and lemon paste since I was a little kid—no chemicals needed! I don’t always have time to make a DIY facial for myself, so these days I’m using Glamglow’s Mud Mask Very Sexy, packed with French sea clay,when I need to undull my skin." —Deepica Mutyala, Campaign Strategist Manager

Benedicta looks to serve pie with the Blue Bingham pie server from Sabre Paris!
“I may have learned how to cook from my father, but any baking skills I possess come straight from my sweet-toothed mother. One of my fondest early memories is picking blueberries from the bushes at my grandmother's house in Rhode Island, and my mother transforming them into delicious pie that tasted of pure summer. This year, I'm bringing home this adorable blue gingham pie server from Sabre Paris—the perfect playful accompaniment to a classic New England blueberry pie. “ —Benedicta Cipolla, Director of Editorial Operations

Charisse loves Oribe's Dry Texturizing Spray! “My mom taught me how to add major volume. She is notorious for overusing Sebastian Shaper Plus hairspray, and I'm not sure she could survive without it. She divides her hair into sections at the crown of the head, gives the roots a good mist, and goes to town with a teasing comb. Like mother, like daughter—I love big hair too. However, instead of hairspray to maintain the tease, I use a volume-boosting texturizing spray. For all-day hold, I love Oribe's Dry Texturizing Spray.” —Charisse Crammer, Social Media and Editorial Intern

Benjamin will send his mother Crimson Lipstick from MAKE!
“My mum (note the u!), always told me that I could do anything I wanted, provided I worked hard enough. She also thought that good manners were important, so I try to be as ‘proper’ as possible when meeting new people. To most Americans, that probably comes off as my being slightly too serious, but it’s really just British politeness. As you can tell from the picture, she was also a fan of red lipstick, so I’ll be sending her this crimson lipstick from MAKE to add to her makeup collection.” —Benjamin Kelly, Senior Data Scientist

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