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Skincare · April 14, 2015

The Product That De-Puffs Your Eyes in Two Seconds

My skincare routine is pretty set in its minimalist wayswash, serum, moisturizer in the morning, wash and face oil at night, with an occasional face mist during the day. You really have to convince me that I need to fit another product in.

And if anything is convincing, its tired, puffy eyes. At seven months pregnant, I havent been sleeping the best lately (despite the giant body pillow Ive been curling up next to). I wake up at least a few times at night, and when I finally get up and peer into the mirror, I see slightly swollen, very exhausted eyes.

After a few days of looking like a zombie, I was sufficiently persuaded to try Liz Earles Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotionthe name alone gave me some hope. The gentle formula is specifically designed to calm, cool, and refresh your eyes first thing in the morning. And its powered by the potent botanicals the cult UK brand is known for, like witch hazel and cornflower, so its totally safe to use on that delicate area.

All I had to do was squeeze a little onto a cotton pad and swipe it across my eyeseasy enough. For something that took two seconds, it made a pretty significant difference: My eyes totally perked up, the skin around them seemed tauter and looked, well, brighter. It felt like I had just given them a cold shower! I instantly felt more awake, and it removed my residual eye makeup from the night before (which always seems to stick around and make me look even moreundead).

With that, Ive officially added the lotion to my morning routine. I have a feeling Ill be needing it even more with the inevitable sleepless nights ahead.


Lauren Smith