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Grooming · August 13, 2015

Finally, a Loofah Alternative: Meet the Soap-Infused Body Sponge

Its hard to innovate grooming products these days, as weve pretty much figured out everythinglike how to adjust a shave cream to sensitive skin, or a moisturizer to an oily complexion. But heres a long-awaited exception: a sponge for those who prefer the soft, exfoliating lather of a loofah, but who know better than to store a mildew-prone scrubber in their shower for months on end.

It's called the Body Brick from das boom industries. Each brick is infused with small bits of soap, and uses BeBetterFoam, a non-toxic, plant-based foam that was developed to clean up oil spills, so it repels water while absorbing oil (in this case, soap). What does that mean for your skin? It will wash away grime for weeks on end without soaking up and storing water, so it also resists bacteria growth.

Each box comes with two bricks, and theyre available in scents like citrus and saffron, bay rum and smoke, tobacco and musk, and bourbon and leather, as well as a woodsy blend.


Adam Hurly