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Hair · April 22, 2015

What Is Cleansing Conditioner

Theres been a healthy debate for some time around the Birchbox office (and beyond) about how often you should wash your hair. Just when we thought wed reached general consensus that less is more, we found out our social media director, Rachel, is cutting out shampoo altogether! Shes become a total advocate for cleansing conditionersproducts that cleanse without stripping your hair of natural oils and moisture. Women with curly hair and co-washing devotees have been using cleansing conditioners for years, and we thought it was time we learned more, plus answered some of the most common questions around these products.

Watch the video to learn about the benefits of using a cleansing conditioner, discover some of Rachels favorites, and see how she uses them. Then let us know in the comments: Would you cut out shampoo completely from your hair care routine?