Mad Men: Then and Now

Well people, it’s finally here. The beginning of the end (not to be too dramatic or anything). The seventh and final season of Mad Men begins this Sunday. Before the show plunges us back into the lives of Don and the gang, we wanted to take a look back at the style evolution of some of our favorite Madison Avenue ladies—namely Peggy, Joan, and Betty.


Peggy Olson started out as a wide-eyed secretary and has morphed into one of the most powerful characters (not to mention copywriters) on the show. We’re so happy to see that her soup can bangs from the second season gave way to a mod bob. With false lashes and a self-assured smirk there’s barely a trace left of the Peggy we met in season one.


Joan Holloway ascribes to the old 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' philosophy. She's consistently taken a classic beauty don’t—“redheads shouldn’t wear red”—and turned it into a major (ginger) do. Joanie proves that chignons, crimson lips, and curves never go out of style.


Betty Draper began Mad Men as a demure, quietly unhappy wife and has slowly shed her timid skin to reveal the fierce woman inside (with a va-va-voom look to match). A deep pink lip rivals sky high hair in this shot from the final season. We can only imagine how boss she would be in the 70s.

Photos: (now) Frank Ockenfels / AMC & (then) Carin Baer / AMC

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