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Beards · October 4, 2018

How To: Maintain Your Beard


Many guys tend to forget that beneath a scruffy beard is skin that needs the same attention as the rest of your face. Improper cleansing can lead to irritation, redness, and itchiness. Most typical facial cleansers arent strong enough to wash the coarse hair of a beard, while a traditional shampoo is far too harsh to use on your face. Picking a cleanser like Anthony Conditioning Beard Wash helps to cut dirt and grime from your beard while also gently cleansing the skin beneath and helping to relieve irritation and itchiness. If youre using a styling product, aim to wash daily, otherwise every other day should do the trick.


Hydration is at the core of a handsome and healthy beard. Just like washing, its vital that you not only moisturize your beard, but also the skin underneathenter beard oil. Specially formulated for coarse facial hair, beard oils are saviors when it comes to dehydrated locks and dandruff. By applying an oil like Northern Fir Beard Co. Beard Oil daily, you help ward off flakes while also hydrating and smoothing hair, which in turn tackles flyways and strays. To apply, just add a few drops into your palms and then gently massage through beard and into skin. If youre looking for something equally as hydrating but with a little extra styling boost, try a balm like this one from Cliff Original. It taps natural oils and shea butter to moisturize and beeswax to keep your beard in place all day long.


Whether youve reached your desired length or are still growing it out, keeping a tidy and even beard will help you look great regardless of which stage youre at. The first step is starting with a clean slate. That means washing out any product, combing, and dryingjust like a hair cut! Because some hairs may grow faster than others, its best to use a pair of scissors to spot trim any hairs that have outgrown the others.

Afterwards, youll want to get rid of the dreaded neck beard and any scruff on your cheeks. Luckily, you dont need a barbers precision to tackle this thanks to The Cut Buddy.

Just line it up with the curve of your cheek and buzz away. The same can be done on your neck where any hair below the Adams apple needs to go. If youre feeling adventurous you can also try fading your neck hair for a more on-point look. For this, youll want to trim with a buzzer from below the jaw line to your Adams apple at a setting slightly shorter than the rest of your beard. Afterwards take the setting down just a touch and trim from the Adams apple up slightly and blend in.

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Alexis Bridenbaugh