This Man’s All-Pizza Diet Breaks the Bounds of Reality

Following its writeup about a man who has only eaten cheese pizza for 25 years, Vice followed the self-crowned "King of Pizza" around for a few days, seeing how his diet affects daily decisions and relationships.

While the idea is fun in theory (pizza all day, every day!) we are relieved that pizza king Dan Janssen—who has diabetes, no less—acknowledges he might have a problem. In this video, he squirms while having to eat pizza with vegetable toppings—and at the encouragement of his fiancée, sees a therapist to discuss his overall dietary aversions.

"I don't want to change the things that he likes," his fiancée says to the camera, before turning to Dan: "But, I would like you to be a little healthier."

"We're all gonna die," says Janssen, unsure that he actually wants the help. "I'm gonna die with pizza in my stomach. It's gonna be good."

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