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Makeup · January 2, 2015

The Pigmented Lip Color That Doesn't Require a Primer

When it comes to lip color, Im an all-or-nothing girl. In fact, Ive pretty much used only two products on my mouth my whole life: a moisturizing balm, which I pile on before bed when my lips dry and cracked, and a statement lipstick (aka the only thing that differentiates my usual minimalistic makeup look from a night out on the town). I was never convinced I needed anything for the grey area in between these two extremes until I stumbled upon Manna Kadars Lip Locked.

For starters, its a triple-duty product that works as a long-lasting primer, lip stain, and glossbecause if youre going to add a step to your morning routine, it may as well be a product that will last for hours. Plus, its promise of rich color with softening vitamins A and E appealed to my inner lip balm addict.

After deciding my work look was the most lacking, I applied a swipe of All of Me, a nude rose-pink, before heading into the office one Monday morning. Right off the bat, I noticed the formulas creamy, nourishing textureit wasnt sticky at all. Next, I noticed the opaque lipstick-like finish. And though the color eventually did fade, it did so gracefully, without requiring immediate attention when I had to run to a meeting and couldnt stop for a mirror break.

By the end of the day (after just one post-lunchtime reapplication) my lips still had a subtle pink hueand I realized that carving out room for one more lip product in my makeup bag wasnt such a bad thing after all.


Maura M. Lynch

Burt's Bees addict. Watches way too much TV. Has never turned down a french fry.