Typography Experts Say This is the Optimal Font for Your Résumé

Turns out Times New Roman is the font equivalent of "putting on sweatpants" to go to work. And, that using emoji might actually be acceptable.

Even if you're not in the job market, keeping your résumé current is a must. (When the time comes to deploy your CV, there's usually not a moment to waste.) And thanks to the good folks at Bloomberg, we're considering some tweaks that go way beyond titles and accomplishments. A reporter interviewed a series of typography experts to determine the ideal font for a résumé.

The consensus winner for those who don't have the money to shell out for an original custom typeface? Surprise, surprise, it's that ubiquitous crowd-pleasing san serif, Helvetica. (“Helvetica is so no-fuss, it doesn’t really lean in one direction or another. It feels professional, lighthearted, honest.")

Some other helpful gems from the font gurus:

Times New Roman: “It’s telegraphing that you didn’t put any thought into the typeface that you selected.”
Courier: “You don’t have a typewriter, so don’t try to pretend that you have a typewriter."
Comic Sans: This goes without saying, but this font has no place on your résumé “unless you are applying to clown college.”

As for using emoji on your CV, we're skeptical, but intrigued. Said one expert, “I think it’s a great idea. Put a lot of emojis on the bottom. Some chicken wings. They will love it.”

H/T Bloomberg

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