Matthew McConaughey Just Made It Okay for Us to Wear Fanny Packs

When it comes to taking it easy—and the casual wear that accompanies it—we'll always take a lesson from Mr. All Right.

Yesterday Deadspin tipped us off that the king of easy livin' was rocking a fanny pack at Fenway Park. When confronted about it, he even offered up a few style tips for wearing one, waxing practical and philosophical about the wonders of waist bags:

"I got so much gear in here I don't want in my pockets. I'm not afraid of the fanny pack. You gotta kind of put it on the side to make it look a little, not as nerdy. But still, practicality wins out...They're coming back. They're on their way back, some decade from now."

First of all: Kudos to you, sir. The fanny pack certainly wins over DiCaprio's cargo shorts.

Second of all: What gear does he have in his pockets? Pill bottle survival kit? We'll just say: It'd be a lot cooler if he did.

Watch the full interview here.

Want to give a fanny pack a shot yourself? We recommend Master-Piece, the Japanese purveyor of climbing-inspired gear. They sell a slew of awesome "waist bags" that look good at a ball game or on holiday. And be sure to check in with McConaughey's fashion line Just Keep Livin in the coming weeks—something tells us they'll be making them before long.

H/t: Deadspin

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