May 2013: Editor’s Letter

Is there anyone who didn’t at least attempt to keep a diary as a kid? I still remember my dog-eared teal one, complete with a scratched lock and Lilliputian key. This month’s Birchbox is a return to those tell-all days, only instead of grade-school gossip we’re asking you to tell us how you experience your monthly samples (plus your best tricks, of course).

As always, your Birchbox is filled with samples that have been picked to match your profile. But beyond that, we know that each of you has a unique relationship with your products—from the order in which you try them to your time-perfected techniques and longstanding rituals. Tell us all about them with #beautydiaries.

Naturally, we’re spilling some of our own secrets too. This month’s magazine features a roundup of beauty secrets from the experts themselves, our moms, an easy guide to styling curly hair, and an interview with actress-turned-beauty-mogul Salma Hayek. As for our personal beauty diaries, we’ve got those too: read a lip gloss-by-lip gloss account of a day in the life of co-founders Katia and Hayley (and me!).


Highlights from the May issue:

  • Salma Hayek Birchbox Crush: Salma Hayek The actress-turned-mogul tells us why she skips blow-drying and microdermabrasion, plus her must-try beauty treatment.

  • Birchbox's  Deepica How To: Contour Birchbox staffer Deepica has spent years perfecting her contouring technique. Watch how she does it.

  • Birchbox's Katia, Hayley,and Molly Birchbox Beauty Diaries Birchbox’s own Katia, Hayley, and Mollie share their daily routine, from rise-and-shine to hit-the-hay.

  • 1 Product, 4 Staffers 1 Product, 4 Birchboxers We gave four staffers the same very fun product to play with—find out what happened.

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