Meet the Enzymes that Can Take Your Selfie Game to the Next Level

First rule of posting selfies: Look your best. Our editor’s latest #nofilter assist comes from…enzymes.

When it comes to selfies, even when you’re going for that unselfconscious “I-woke-up-like-this” authenticity, you’re still invariably making sure the photo you post is blemish- and imperfection-free. Since my face is prone to breakouts, I have to be an extra careful photo editor. And while I’m no regular selfie taker, when I climb a mountain, I’ve got to snap a picture of myself with the jaw-dropping background. Point is, I’ve been known to take a selfie every once and a while, like every other human with a smart phone in 2014. So I’m psyched for my latest skincare discovery: enzymes that exfoliate.

Here’s how they can help anyone’s selfie game: Enzymes break down the keratin proteins in dead skin cells, effectively removing them from the face and allowing smoother cells to surface and grow. They allow products like Vasanti’s BrightenUp! Face Rejuvenator to do the gritty microdermabrasion-like work that skin needs without leaving behind the redness that can come from sandpaper scrubs. The best enzymatic exfoliators—like the BrightenUp—also finish with vitamins and aloe vera to further cultivate healthy cell growth.

There are many crucial male selfie guidelines we should collectively follow, the second most important rule being “Do it sparingly.” But always keep the first one in mind: Look your best. Do so by taking care of your skin.

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